A Super-cell Spawns Tornadoes in Western, MA

Sound familiar? Well, for anyone who has read “When Darkness Tries to Hide” the news that spread across the country yesterday might have seemed eerily familiar. Montgomery Lake High is set in fictional Montgomery Lake, Massachusetts–southwest of Worcester. In book #2  When Darkness Tries to Hide the series reads…

“You’re probably more scared than I am. Don’t forget, I know you very well, Andy Rosetti. Let’s stop the movie and put on the weather,” Chantal suggested, jumping to her feet. “They said something about a supercell. I don’t really know what that is.”

“Tal, it’s only a thunderstorm,” Andy stressed, pulling her back down onto the couch. “Don’t get up! I’ll miss you.”

“You’ll miss me a lot more if I get sucked up in a tornado!” Chantal exclaimed, returning to her feet. She swiftly made way across her large bedroom to stop the movie. Tuning to the weather channel, Chantal froze in her tracks.

And so the story continues from there… It was terribly shocking, sad, and strange to see something so similar take place on June 1, 2011 in western Massachusetts. Many people were emailing, facebooking, and texting me yesterday and today about the occurrence, saying “is this Montgomery Lake High?” My prayers go out to all the tornado victims from yesterday. If it can be at all a glimmer of hope, I state that in When Darkness Tries to Hide tragedy strikes BUT an immeasurable amount of good comes from the situation. I pray that will be the outcome of yesterday’s devastating storm… and always remember the meaning of Romans 8:28.

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