Book launch 3/15/11: Applying Wisdom to Life’s Circumstances by Pastor Bobby Keating

Pastor Bobby Keating sincerely believes that God not only wants each believer to succeed but that He has also given us the instruction on how we can be successful. The Holy Bible (God?s Holy Word) is filled with exhortations and positive directions for our success. If you study the Holy Bible with an open mind, an open heart and a desire to understand, you can easily see that throughout the history of God?s relationship with man His desire for His believers is that they live life with abundance, that they succeed in their endeavors and that they draw closer to Him.

Apply Wisdom to Life’s Circumstances is a guide to applying the Wisdom given to us through King Solomon’s Proverbs to everyday circumstances. This books shows in detail ‘How to’ apply this wisdom to daily life now to help everyone succeed in relationships, business, finances and more.

This is a must read for those who are sincere about living a successful life.

Pastor Bobby is launching his newly published book ‘Apply Wisdom to Life’s Circumstances’ TODAY 3/15. This is a 1 day event to produces as many sales as possible to raise funds for his ministries and to push the ranking to ‘Best Seller’ on Please help! GO TODAY and be part of this event

Visit The Success Book at or ( and help Pastor Bobby fund his ministries and push ‘Apply Wisdom to Life’s Circumstances’ to Number 1!

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