Today! Free gifts & a chance to win Red Sox tickets & more…


A Special Promotion! Everyone who purchases When Darkness Tries to Hide by Stacy A. Padula on March 2, 2011 will receive free gifts & be entered into a drawing to win prizes that include Red Sox tickets, gift certificates, movie tickets, and more!

Purchase on March 2, 2011 at

What is Montgomery Lake High?

Montgomery Lake High is a realistic, young adult fiction book series that wrestles with the topics of bullying, peer pressure, self-acceptance, substance abuse, recovery, faith, and other social issues. Stacy Padula wrote The Right Person and When Darkness Tries to Hide in hope “that these books will help prepare pre-teens and teens for high school—the peer pressure, temptations, and harsh battle between gaining social acceptance and discovering who you are.” Montgomery Lake High boldly faces the reality that high school is NOT a musical, and often a social war-zone. It has been labeled as a series that will “hit home with many teens looking for answers.”

What readers are saying about Montgomery Lake High

What the news is saying about Montgomery Lake High

Special Launch Deals: Free Gifts & Prizes

For each Montgomery Lake High book you purchase on March 2, 2011 on Amazon, your name will be entered once into a drawing. There is no limit to the amount of times your name can be entered. The drawing will take place on March 3, 2011. All winners will be notified within 24 hours. Buyers will also receive free gifts (details below). To purchase When Darkness Tries to Hide on sale for $10.35 ($5.99 on Kindle) click the link above.

Prizes include:

  • A pair of Boston Red Sox Tickets & FREE Parking at Fenway!
  • A pair of AMC (Silver Experience) Movie Tickets
  • A $25 Borders Gift Card
  • A $25 Odyssey Cruise (Boston) e-gift certificate
  • A $25 House of Blues (Boston) e-gift certificate
  • A $25 Melting Pot (Boston) e-gift certificate
  • A brand new authentic COACH wristlet
  • An Autographed copy of The Right Person

FREE GIFTS include e-books, sample chapters, and other gifts from published authors like Lorilyn Roberts, Lynn Dove, April gardner, Lisa Lickel, Bobby Keating, Sana Edoja, Elaine Cooper, and Tracy Krauss.

How to Participate

1.      Purchase When Darkness Tries to Hide on 3/2/11 through

2.     Email your order# to: or submit it through the form below.

3.     Your name will be entered into the drawing once for each book you purchase. Eligible purchases include bothWhen Darkness Tries to Hide and The Right Person, in printed or Kindle editions.

Thank you for your support of the Montgomery Lake High book series by Stacy A. Padula!

After you purchase When Darkness Tries to Hide on March 2, 2011, please submit your order# in the form below to be entered into the complimentary drawing!


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