Destination: Your Own World!

A startling reality: life does not always turn out the way we want it to. One can strive for the best, set their sights, and reach for the stars. They can study, study, and study. They could give one hundred percent to their passions in life, or conquer their conquests and achieve their goals. Then the irony of life can strike. Suddenly, a snowstorm or an illness, an accident or a natural disaster could take place. These curve balls of life remind us that we cannot play God.

In our own lives we cannot “play God”, but that does not mean things cannot happen the way we want them to. That is why creative writing is a main passion of my life. Setting myself down to write is like boarding a high-speed jet plane with a destination marked “YOUR OWN WORLD”. Writing takes me to a place where my imagination is in charge. I am no longer a contestant in a world full of deception, temptation, and tribulations. I am the one on the pitcher’s mound, throwing the curve balls.

In eighth grade my health teacher assigned a project in which I was to present the stresses of teenage life. Since I had such a love for creative writing, I chose to enjoy the assignment to its full potential and write a book. The characters I created ranged from the teacher’s pet to troubled delinquents. The events that took place in the story ranged from – being voted “Miss Montgomery Lake” to the devastating death of a loved one. Divorce, rumors, relationships, academics, and substance abuse were present in the story’s plot, as were other issues that shape a teenage life. Writing it all out on pen and paper made it clear to me why some people are the way they are, and how the tiniest event can have the largest impact on a person’s mind-set.

I relayed to my characters the hardships that I have faced in life and the experiences that have shaped me. Do you know that horrible feeling of regret where you wish you had the opportunity to re-live one moment of your life? And you earnestly believe that in doing so, you could be so much happier. In writing I am able to subside that nauseating feeling. I make the characters decisions and I decide on the consequences that go along with them. I am actually able to learn from the events that my characters live through. My heart goes into every sentence that I write and it goes out to all the characters in my books.

Books? Yes, I have continued writing. Actually, I ended up basing my Montgomery Lake High book series upon the story I wrote for my health project. As I grow and deal with more and more curve balls of life, my characters grow along side me. I know them as well as I know my very best friends. I am emotionally tied into my stories, and as a result the people I share them with are captivated.

I mentioned before that writing is a ticket to another world. However, it should not ever be viewed as an escape. Creative writing is a window of opportunity. Although some effort is required to open up the window, once you get it open your possibilities will be endless.

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