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Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person – Press Release!

From the author: I grew up reading a few book series, that painted a picture in my mind of what high school would be like. Just after turning 14, I walked through the doors of high school and quickly realized it was nothing like what I had read; rather, it was a war zone! I felt that, in a way, the books I had read as a pre-teen had been a disservice to my emotional/spiritual/mental preparation for high school. That was when I began writing the Montgomery Lake High book series. I decided that teens needed realistic books to read that wrestled with the battles of social acceptance, drugs, alcohol, and other sensitive issues. I wrote three of the books while I was in high school, and then revisited them after college. I realized I had a book series before my eyes that had been written from the perspective of someone who was right in the battle! I then began professionally editing the books. After four years of editing, writing, and praying, I released Montgomery Lake High to the public. It is my hope that these books will help prepare pre-teens and teens for high school–the peer pressure, temptations, and harsh battle between gaining social acceptance and discovering who you are.

About the author: At 26, Stacy Padula of Pembroke, Massachusetts, looks back on her teen years as a lesson for others. She is writing her Montgomery Lake High books in the hope they can help kids deal with the stresses and peer pressure of high school. “I also wanted to encourage kids to steer a straight path, pursue God, and not fall for the false promises of the world.”

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